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Surfing Together
Your beliefs create your world.

But how to shift them?

I help people and companies connect to their abundant nature. By guiding individuals and groups through a process to heal stress and anxiety. Its helped me and many others.

What folks are saying

My brain is completely re-wired since I started sessions with Magnus.

- Chris

I experienced the most gentle, healing, insightful, compassionate & life-transforming EFT session

with Magnus

- Amala

 I cannot recommend a session with him enough;

I feel supremely happy with myself.

- Mandy

Rock Formation

The process



Tap anywhere on the body, this will bring your love and attention to the present moment. We will be using specific meridian points to cycle through


Listen and feel without judgement

Give yourself permission to feel and be exactly as you are.

If you don't do this, you are lying to yourself. That's ok, no shame, but the issue is that we can't relate to what's actually here.


Love and Acceptance

As you identify what is here. Love yourself as you are. Avoid the need to shift what's here. You will be missing out if you do.

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