Healer, Practitioner, Guide
Magnus Ritzell

Yoga Teacher Certified - 500 Hour Hatha Yoga

Certified EFT Practitioner 9 times over In Austin Texas.

Trained Facilitator of Authentic Relating in Austin Texas.

My experience in healing

I have been studying subconscious programming for the past 10 years. Throughout this time I have given over 350 reprogramming sessions. These healing rituals have resulted in massive transformation physically and mentally. Since 2015 I have been focused on a reprogramming process known as EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique. Through this process, I was able to drop into deep parts of myself to discover the real reasons why I behaved the way I did. The process was simple, Tap meridian points and talk about what’s is bothering me. Eventually, the truth of what is really bothering me reveals itself to be cared for. Most of my tapping experience was gained through a10-day in-person certification Training. 7 of which I was given a supporting role, guiding others to their newfound truths.


I continue to offer these one on one sessions online