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One session, it felt great. I recognize we're human beings. We like patterns. We like going back towards what's comfortable or what we know.

Weaving Pattern
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 If you are looking for some more clarity around something in your life, his intuitive capabilities are incredible.

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I cried through, I'd say, At least 50, 60% of the event. And it brought up things that I didn't even realize, had been right under the surface just bubbling for years. 

Water Foam

I am feeling so grateful because I haven’t taken my inhaler since our session which was about two weeks ago. A part of me was waiting for the moment that I would need my medication but I’ve reached a point where I’ve accepted that I no longer have asthma because I have NEVER gone more than 2 days without my medication. I’ve had asthma since I was 5!!! I was in the emergency room 2-3 days a week during my teens years!! This is amazing!
Last week, at the end of my gym session my trainer said, “Hey I noticed you didn’t stop for deep breaths this time .”
and I responded with,” Oh yeah, I don’t have asthma anymore.”
THANK YOU SO MUCH for holding space with love while I heal from something that has interfered with my daily activities. 


Words can't express. I imagine my brain is completely re-wired since I started sessions with Magnus. I have access to so much more love and forgiveness. Surya brings kindness, persistence, and humor to healing.


I experienced the most gentle, healing, insightful, compassionate & life-transforming EFT session with Surya. His ability to be completely present while holding sacred space for me to feel & experience deeply hidden parts of myself I didn't even know were there; I could feel his open light-heartedness which made me feel safe enough to engage fully in our session. Magnus’ unique style of helping me to re-create and thereby transform my long held perspective of my past experience was gentle, playful and fun! I hadn't fully realized the epic healing that took place at first because it was so easy. Surya is a masterful coach and I highly recommend him to those that seriously want to move beyond their current limitations and enjoy the bliss of being more radiantly in the moment!


Magnus you beautifully expertly and intuitively guided me through a powerful past life session. You are a wonderful practitioner and I trust your guidance and deeply appreciate your unflappability which aloud me to go into some places that most people would have been freaked about. You never lost your cool which aloud me to process memories from hundreds of years ago a feeling I'd always had that I was 'bad and wrong ' that before our session I had never had answer for. My soul feels peace and was able to release a power struggle and vengance and ANGER that I was holding for all those years all these life times. Thank you. I am blessed to know you.


I feel better than I have in weeks! Syria led me through my first tapping session with compassion and acceptance. He led me to a place where I could understand my feelings and intentions behind my hurt. I cannot recommend a session with him enough; I feel supremely happy with myself.


Magnus holds an incredibly intimate and powerful space. I was lucky enough to do a session with him, where I worked through some childhood trauma and letting go of some limiting beliefs. It was a wonderful release for me - many tears were shed. Overall, it was such an uplifting experience that I would recommend to everyone.


When I think of the most intuitive and naturally powerful healers I’ve had the privilege of working with in my lifetime, Surya immediately comes to mind as one of the top. He has a way - unlike anyone else I’ve ever known - of lovingly holding the most wounded parts of me and gently coaxing them into healing. I trust him fully in my most vulnerable states; I would trust him with anything. In sessions with Surya, I often find myself not even needing to explain much because he intuitively can find where I need to heal and take me there. He has a gentle style and without pushing he will guide you through rapid transformation. If you have the chance to work with this amazing human, jump on it! I 1,010% recommend him.


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